If you have ever attended an interview, the chances are you will have been asked the “Tell me about a weakness” question.  The interviewer is not asking you simply whether you are afraid of snakes, spiders, cannot resist chocolate or a certain type of food.

Good example – Tell Me About A Weakness Interview Question

good example of the tell me about a weakness interview question

As we explained on our popular interview questions page, the purpose of this question  is to demonstrate you have recognised and addressed a weakness. A good answer  will clearly illustrates this.

The one thing you should not do when asked the “tell me about a weakness” interview question is to give a characteristic that may be seen as problematic. For example many people use the example “I’m a bit of a perfectionist.”

To one interviewer that could be fine; however another could interpret that as you only like things done your way or that you may be difficult to work with if things aren’t done according to your methods.

This interview skills video explains the “Tell me about a weakness” interview question.

Interview Skills Video – Good example of the “Tell me about a weakness” question

There are some tricky interview questions that you should be aware of and already have an answer if asked. In the video you can find explanation of 5 tricky interview questions (such as the “Tell me about yourself” interview question) with explanations and a great sample answer.

We hope you found this interview skills video helpful.  If you find a job interview very stressful and suffer from interview nerves,  a great way to overcome your nerves is by practising your interview techniques and becoming familiar with questions that you may be asked at interview.  You can take our virtual job interview from the comfort of your home to gain confidence so that you perform better at  interview.

You could also use  an NLP Practitioner or a career coach  with specialist knowledge of communication, body language and confidence.  This may be an option that is right for you and may help you get the job you deserve.

How did you answer the “Tell me about a weakness question” at an interview? Do you have a good example?

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