Equality and diversity means giving everyone the chance to progress to the best of their ability regardless of race, gender, age, disability or sexual orientation. There are laws that relate specifically to equality and diversity in the workplace.

As cheaper travel and the increasing accessibility to global media bring more and more possibilities for many people; the need for tolerance and understanding of others is becoming an issue that cannot be ignored.

What is Equality and Diversity?

Equality and diversity means that we treat everyone equally by taking into account differences.  So it could be said that we treat someone equally by treating them differently.

fun equality and diversity quiz

There is so much importance placed on image today that sometimes the perception can mask or hide the real facts.  Stereotypes can be used negatively when facts are wrongly presented. However people may be surprised when some facts are revealed.

Try our Equality and Diversity Quiz

Although this equality and diversity quiz is devised for UK residents, why not try it and see how you do?

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We hope you enjoyed this equality and diversity quiz.  How you choose to use it is totally up to you.

If you belong to an organisation or company, perhaps this short quiz has highlighted facts that you were not aware of, methods you could adopt to improve your organisation?

For further information and data on equality and diversity in the UK, visit the human rights website.

The Equality & Human Rights Commission have an excellent website that provides advice and guidance on rights, responsibilities and good practice, based on equality law and human rights.  They also publish equality and diversity workshop reports and operate a helpline.

Many countries have their own laws and practices.  Our Equality Legislation in the UK  page offers a useful guide to current practices in UK.  Use our contact form if you would like to add information for your country.

Would you like to share your knowledge and experience of equality and diversity with others? Add your comments or  answer  a question posted using the comment form below.