Finding the right career choice does not have to be formal.  If your child or teenager has a skill they either enjoy or excel at, encouraging them is often the best advice.

This is the experience of a young teenager who describes how she found the right career choice and became a website designer.

“At the early age of around 7,  my brother and I were already familiar with the computer and encouraged to experiment and expand our computing skills.  This is where Dreamweaver comes in.. that’s how we discovered HTML and our knack for web design.

find the right career choice at an early ageNot too soon after, we had already began to generate different functions and layouts. At this stage it was all still new to us, we did not think that we were anything special.  In fact, for a short while we took a break from the keyboard and screen.

When we did eventually return, we began trying out more complex designs.  We crossed paths with Photoshop and utilised the many online tutorials for years until we grew more than confident with our skills.  That was the real beginning of the journey towards our web designing.

At the same time, we continued working with Dreamweaver, which went hand in hand with Photoshop productions.  Whilst still developing knowledge of both programs, we stumbled upon Joomla, an open source content management system.

How to make the right career choice and making a career out of a skill

Ten years on, we are now building professional websites and designing top notch graphics for small business, individuals and the likes. In fact if you are reading this article on The Personal Development Cafe, then you will get a pretty good idea of what kind of sites we can produce!

The online market is becoming more and more competitive; making it even more important to keep up to date with the latest software and systems, which actually works in our favour.  Being young ourselves, we have a feel for innovative designs that appeal to youths, whilst also having the ability to create sophisticated commercial sites to order.

We have developed our expertise to produce quality visuals using Joomla, WordPress, etc.  We can create anything from a small one page web page to a social networking platform or an e-commerce enabled online store.”

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