Where do you find that job that you deserve?

Once you have constructed a great CV that does you justice, have identified the area of work you wish to pursue, you are ready to get that job right? If it was that easy to find that job, then everybody who wanted a job would have one surely? Let’s be honest jobs don’t come looking for you; it’s up to you to find them.

That means understanding the best way of maximising your chances of landing the job you want. So what is the best way to go about finding it?

If you were to ask someone who is actively seeking employment what they are doing in order to land a job; you will probably get a reply something like, “I’m looking in the papers, searching online job sites, I’ve joined several recruitment agencies, I’ve put up cards in my local newsagents and shops.”

All these methods can work, but some have a better chance of succeeding than others. Did you know that most job vacancies aren’t even advertised? That is a fact. So if you want to make sure that your job search is effective, think of the following and then decide the best way to approach your job search.

Best ways to find that job which you deserve

  • Word of mouth
    Surprisingly many people do not value how effective this means of job seeking is. The statistics will tell you that around 70% of job vacancies are not advertised! This means that the vast majority of jobs are decided before most people even know about them!  Build a network of contacts so that you can increase your chances of finding those vacancies.
  • Advertised Vacancies / Classified Ads
    The first place people will look to find a job is likely to be in their local or national press, trade or specialist magazines or in job centres. It is easy to see why. You can see the job, you know it exists and you have all the necessary details. As they say in America “A no-brainer!” All this is true and we strongly recommend that you apply for every advertised position you see that you feel you can do. Do not restrict yourself by dismissing any form of job searching.

When you are applying for an advertised vacancy you should be aware that the competition is likely to be tough. Read the advert carefully so that you are confident that you understand it fully and can fulfil the role. Make sure that the covering letter which accompanies your Application Form or CV fits the bill. Make sure your Application Form is filled out correctly and contains all the information required.

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Other ways to find that job which you deserve include:

Recruitment Agencies

When using the services of a Recruitment Agency, the average ‘list price’ for an agency fee is around 20%, moving up to around 40% for very high-end recruitment.

In other words a good Recruitment Agency is worth its weight in gold. They will have the contacts with reputable companies and as they are being paid handsomely for their services, they will endeavour to ensure that they treat both clients well in order to maintain their good name.

Once you have found the right agency if you build a rapport with your contact, this can be a very effective means of finding both temporary and full time employment. This is one of the most effective ways to find that job!

Post Your CV online

Today there are numerous online CV databases where job seekers can now tap into giant online job banks that can offer a wide range of opportunities from part-time employment, sales, management, executive to top government jobs. Searching for online jobs is made easy on this site. Go to our top job search websites page where we have made it easy for you to register with the CV-Library and other sites by simply clicking on the link and following the instructions to enter your details.

Volunteering / Voluntary Work

Volunteering or carrying out unpaid work can provide you with valuable experience, contacts, and references. There are many companies and organisations that consistently offer the opportunity for job placements or work trials as a means of assessing potential employees.

Voluntary work is an excellent means of securing entry level jobs. Through volunteering you can gain experience in different kinds of work and gain first hand understanding of how different professions operate. To sum up voluntary work is an excellent way of increasing your career options and can help you find that job.

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