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Do you need help completing your online job application form? More and more companies and organisations have embraced and incorporated information technology and the internet. It is not just employers that require you to complete an application form online. You can make an online school application. Also many colleges and universities now offer online graduate application for a specific online graduate program.

As a result you are increasingly likely to find yourself having to apply for jobs online and that means completing an online job application form.  In order to make sure that your job application form does you justice, it is highly recommended that you are confident in applying for a job online.

Prepare your online job application form offline first

If you are completing an online job application form, make sure you plan your application offline first. Treat the process as if you are completing a paper application form. Find a relevant sample application form and use this as a guide.

Try to answer all the questions and state N/A (Not Applicable) where relevant. If you miss out any questions on your application form you might give the impression that you are not paying attention to detail, you don’t understand the question or worse still that you have something to hide.

get help completing an online job application form

Make sure you are in the right mood to complete your online job application form. photo by Jerry Bunkers

You could also complete a sample online application to get familiar with the process before completing your actual on line application.

Completing your online job application form

When you are ready to start your online form, use a word processing package (such as Word) then save it to your computer. By doing this you can run a spell check before you post your application online system. This also means you’ll have a back-up if there’s a problem with the form.

An increasing number of sites offer the option of completing and storing your application. If you do this in more than one session, make sure that you keep a record of any usernames and passwords so that you can get back in.

In many ways whether application forms are in paper format or an online application forms, they require the same attention and detail.  Many forms now tend to be competency based and require you to give examples rather than simply answering yes or no.

If you are really unsure how to complete application forms, why not consider using the services of a professional interview coach?

Do you have any useful job search tips you would like to make or application form questions that you would like answered? Then use the comments form below.

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