Colour, Vibration, Mood, The Law Of Attraction And The Law Of Abundance
By Clifford Williams

What a grey day !
He’s in a dark mood today.
Oh well, another dull day at work.

These are the types of expressions many people say every day.

She’s bright and cheerful today.
He is beaming with joy.
Wow, she looks radiant in that dress.
The children practically glowed as they opened their presents.

Above are some more of the expressions we often hear.

Which set create a better mood within yourself as you read them?

Obviously the second set.

The simple reason for that is certain words trigger certain emotions within us. Just as when you are reading a good book and the author has you captivated by every word.

“The dimly lit alley was no place for a woman to be walking through after midnight.
She stopped before entering, thought for a moment and continued along the busy main road that was full of busy bars and clubs, each blaring out their loud music in competition with the next to attract the weekend revellers into their establishments.”

Well written words can create a desired mood or stir your imagination into action.

How does this work?

Words simply create a mood or stir the imagination as has been said.  They act on the parts of our brain that control our emotions.

In turn our brain generates certain chemicals which create the feelings of joy, happiness, sadness, fear, anxiety or contentedness.

You may be surprised to learn that colours have the same effect.

In scientific studies (which directly relate to the laws of abundance and the laws of attraction) different colours have been proven to influence many individuals state of mind.

Below are a few examples, but the list is certainly not complete.

  • Black is associated with seriousness or mystery.
  • Grey can also be associated with seriousness or sometimes even unhappiness.
  • White is often thought of as being the colour of cleanliness or sterility such as in a hospital or a clinic.
  • Green is usually linked with nature or growth.
  • Brown is linked with things pertaining to the earth or autumn.
  • Yellow usually reminds us of the sun and brightness, often joyfulness or spring.
  • Blue is sometimes regarded as a spiritual colour or reminds us of things related to water or the sea.
  • Orange, again is related to the sun, fire or autumn.
  • Purple, is said to be regal or a sign of a high position.

Something that not many people are aware of is that culturally colours are associated with different things.

In the UK for example, red is associated with danger. In China red is associated with good luck.

In the Sikh religion the colour orange is used for religious symbolism. In America it is used to for clothing to identify prisoners.

In Ireland green is used in the national flag and as a colour for good luck, in England it is often associated with envy – hence the saying, “he was green with envy.”

But what does all this have to do with Colour, Vibration, Mood, The Law Of Attraction And The Law Of Abundance?

Nature provides us with a huge spectrum of colour. In fact, if all the various shades in nature had their own name there would probably be over a million.

colours,vibrations, mood, the law of attraction

With the seasons changing, new colours are always brought into our lives.  Which colours do you associate with each season?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Black, grey, dark blue and brown for winter.
  • Spring has got to involve greens and yellows, white and very light grey.
  • Summer invites yellows, reds, greens, purples, light blue and orange.
  • Autumn is a time for browns, greys, whites and creams.

As you can see we naturally draw inspiration from nature.  But what do we do when those seasonal colours don’t lift our mood or vibration?

Simple. Use colours that do!

On a recent trip to West Africa, I was inspired by the peoples’ use of colour for clothing.  The traditional fabrics and clothing are actually what inspired me to write this article on Colour, Vibration, Mood, The Law Of Attraction And The Law Of Abundance.

I decided to buy some brightly coloured material that I could use for a winter jacket or coat.
Incidentally that is not as crazy as it sounds. If you ever watch some of the winter sports such as skiing or ice skating etc., they often have brightly coloured outfits to stand out against the usually white background.

Below are some of the materials that were available:

So the next time you are thinking of brightening your outlook on life so you can fully enjoy the unwavering laws of abundance and the laws of attraction, simply throw on something brightly coloured.

You’ll lift your mood and vibration and put yourself onto the right frequencies to receive all the good things that the laws of attraction and the laws of abundance want to give you.