Coaching is a Leadership Skill
by Michael Ringrose

I believe one of the core values, fundamental to strong leadership is the possession of a clear sense of direction and coaching is about taking people from where they are to where they or you wish them to be. It is also about ensuring that they take ownership of the journey in moving from “A” to “B” and that they are not simply coerced into occupying another space. If such is the case, they will probably not be more effective nor have any sense of attainment as a result of the process of change.

Coaching is a Leadership Skill at The Personal Development CafeCoaching generates team work and team work is an essential ingredient in moving individuals and groups forward to a more progressive state. Consensus is important and it will generate group energy and dynamic but it should not be equated with democracy. It often is. Leaders need to accept the responsibility of the position they hold and that involves moving individuals, groups or organizations from a given state to a future state. They abdicate that responsibility when they will not move the group until they have satisfied the lowest common denominator and secured a majority vote on the proposed action.

Clarity of purpose is essential but the difficult part is in securing the commitment of everybody to be part of it. The Leader cannot afford at this point to be concerned about his or her personality ratings. They must generate both an invitation to all critical players to be part of the development path and, simultaneously, make it crystal clear that there is a legitimate expectation that they will, given all the resources necessary for accomplishment, commit to goal attainment and achievement.

Michael D. Ringrose is a retired Senior Police Officer. He is interested in the promotion and development of Human Rights, promotion of Democratic Principles and Practices. He has also been involved in building and leading a national organisation advocating for the rights and entitlements of persons with disabilities and has a strong and abiding interest in matters relating to good governance and in transparency and accountability in public office.

He has a keen interest in matters relating to Leadership, public and private and in exploring and developing best practice in its execution.

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