As more and more reports suggest that CBD is beneficial in treating epilepsy and other mental issues, can you use CBD oil for anxiety?

Thanks to the development in the medical sciences in recent years, conditions like anxiety are now given due attention.

There used to be times when neither people nor the doctors would consider anxiety as a severe symptom of more significant problems.

But luckily, the days of disregarding mental health are now over.

Researchers and doctors are now working endlessly to find solutions to anxiety. Among the various possible answers to it, Cannabidiol –  CBD is being seen as very promising to treat anxiety.

Here is some more information about medical cannabis (CBD) and how CBD Oil can be used to treat such disorders.

What is CBD And Can You Use CBD Oil for Anxiety?

CBD, short for Cannabidiol, is a constituent found in the Cannabis plant.  Experts have been keeping a close eye on the development of this compound for medicinal purposes.

Numerous reports conducted on its effects suggest that CBD is beneficial in treating epilepsy and other major mental health issues.

Most people talk about commercial CBD that can be extracted from Marijuana and Hemp plants.

Interestingly, another natural form of CBD produced in human bodies exists too. The naturally produced CBD in human bodies is known as Endocannabinoids.

You can understand the potential of this chemical by the fact that even the governments of various countries are now legalizing the farming of CBD-producing plants.

The CBD industry received a significant push when the Trump government signed a law to legalize hemp – a strain of Cannabis plant used for producing CBD products.

Does Consuming CBD Oil and Smoking Marijuana Produce the Same Effects?

The major difference between the effects of CBD Oil and smoking marijuana or weed is that while marijuana will get you high, CBD oil won’t.  What does that mean for those using CBD oil for anxiety?

Marijuana contains CBD along with THC – tetrahydrocannabinol that is responsible for making people high. So, people with the primary purpose of getting high, use potent strains to achieve the high.

Those who use CBD products do so for its various health benefits.

As CBD oil provides the effects that may bring down depression and anxiety, people use CBD for that purpose. The advantage that these oils have over weed is that people can use it for its true health benefits without getting the high from the product.

It will always come down to personal choice whether a consumer wants to get a buzz from cannabis or not. What matters at the end of the day is that this plant has endless possibilities of addressing some presently uncured health issues, including anxiety.

The day may not be far away when more countries can look forward to legalizing medicinal cannabis products.

About CBD Oil

Citing the beneficial use of CBD, many companies have now started to produce its products. CBD oil, gummies, candies, tablets, and skin products are now available in licensed stores for people’s use.

CBD is known to bind to the CB2 receptors that manage pain. It’s inferred as a potential treatment for anxiety disorders. The use of CBD Oil has grown due to the soothing effects it provides.

There are different ways of extracting CBD from different Cannabis plants. It is worth noting in many places, only CBD oil extracted from Hemp is legal because of its THC levels being less than 0.3%.

How CBD Works for People with Anxiety?

cbd anxiety As mentioned earlier, CBD works well for people with an anxiety disorder. But what is it about CBD that helps it do so?

Reports by Front Behavioral Neuroscience suggest that the low levels of serotonin— a substance found in the human system – is a key reason why people suffer from anxiety.

The facilitation in the increased production of this substance can help in the lowering of anxiety levels.

Studies carried in the past shows the possible use of CBD in increasing the production of serotonin in animals.

Such reports inform that CBD alters the serotonin receptors 1a signalling and creating anti-anxiety effects in the patients.

Although the conclusive evidence for the use of CBD in this issue is said to be still in works, people have started embracing it for the signs it shows.

The producers of CBD oil are banking on the current researches for their use to help people with an anxiety disorder.  In simple terms there is no conclusive evidence that using CBD oil for anxiety at present.

How to Consume CBD Oil?

using cbd oil for anxiety with a vape

There are various means by which CBD oil can be consumed or applied.

It can be used in many ways, but people often go for delicious recipes that use the oil. Among the various options, people love to use CBD oil as edibles.  From spicy shrimps to healthy salads, there are numerous ways of infusing regular meals with CBD oil.

Vaping is another way of using CBD oil for its benefits. Most of the vapes come with cartridges containing CBD vape oil. Research shows that inhaling CBD vape oil can help the body absorb as much as 46% of it in a matter of minutes.

People also use oil from Cannabidiol for its skin-health benefits.

There is a prevalent misconception that vaping will get the smoker high, which is not even slightly true. Only substances that are higher in THC levels will hit the smoker with a buzz. 

Once people realize this, it may change their opinions about using CBD oil for anxiety.

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Cannabis may carry mental health risks for some individuals.  So before you start using CBD oil, please do your research.  Consult with your doctor or an appropriate expert to ensure your physical and mental wellbeing is not affected