The Best Personal Development Books & Self Help Best Sellers

All over the world today people are looking for answers. Reading is a great way to learn so here are some of the best personal development books that you may wish to read.

We have built this web site with you in mind. We know that you want to do what is best for your self, your family, your staff, your employer or your colleagues. Using the best personal development books, you can reach those aims and obtain those goals that you have been striving for. The Personal Development Cafe is here to help you find those answers.

Personal Development Books – Self Help Best Sellers

The books that we have listed below are some of the best available in the world today and are written by acknowledged writers many of whose works have been sought for years. Why? Because over the years the methods in their books have been tried, tested and proven. The simple suggestions have helped people to improve their lives.

best personal development books - 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


There are many great personal development books.   For example Change Your Life In 30 Days Ebook is available as an immediate download from The Personal Development Cafe.

Change Your Life in 30 Days contains a set of proven exercises that you can carry out on your own without setting unrealistic goals that can so often lead to failure and start to see your life improve.

Now that you have found this page of best personal development books, please use your time to search for that book that you have been looking for.

It may be that you are looking for a guide that can help you learn how to realise a business idea that you have always had – but were not sure of how to achieve it. Perhaps reading ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ by Wallace D Wattles could help you achieve that success.

best personal development books -  The Science Of Getting Rich Wallace D Wattles

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We have also included reviews of some of the best personal development books so you have an idea of what others think. Remember though, it’s what you think of a book that actually matters. You may be able to make use of the information in the book even if someone else was not able to. Personal development is just that ‘Personal’.

The greatest thing about personal development is the empowerment you will gain by taking the steps you want in order to enhance, improve or change your life. Investing in your self is one of the greatest investments anyone can make. After all you know you are worth it!

We have also sourced and made available some great free personal development books that you can download ABSOLUTELY FREE now.

If you know of a personal development book that has had a positive influence in your life that you would like to recommend and share with others, please do so on our recommended personal development books page.