Are you serious about your job seeking?

Many people say that they really need a job but after a while reduce the effort that they put into finding a job.  If you are serious about your job seeking then sticking to a set routine can be one way of ensuring you maximize the time you spend looking for work.

If you are serious about your jobseeking, here is an article that is aimed at helping you.

5 Questions to Ask Yourself

By Sean Teer

(1) How many hours a week are you spending job seeking?

Approximately the same number of hours you would like to work a week 30 – 40 hours. Get rolling at 9am each day, after you have checked the papers for advertised positions, and keep going to 5pm plus out of hours meetings with contacts and people you are networking.

As a marketer, I used to make most of my calls in the mornings, when I did not have face to face appointments, do further research between 12 and 2pm and then continue on the telephone. I always recommend to job seekers to have a break for a few minutes every hour and have a nice break at lunch, including some exercise like walking for 20 minutes.

Tip – Ring on your home phone and have people call you back on your mobile.

(2) How many employers are you talking to a week?

A minimum of 50 employers per week being talked to, either over the telephone or face to face plus numerous other employers via responding to advertised vacancies.

Keep a folder with employer contacts detailing; dates contacted, key people (working your way to the decision maker), comments regarding positions and state of play in the company, meetings and a follow up date.

Tip – Being well organised is the key here. Leave nothing to chance, making notes on discussions with key contacts which you can refer to at later meetings.

(3) How many key decision makers are you currently meeting with and pitching to for work?

You should be trying to get face to face interviews with at least 4-5 key decision makers a week.

Tip – Never force meetings with people. You are in the relationship marketing business and you will not develop relationship by forcing meetings.

(4) Apart from face to face meetings from employers you have been marketing to how many interviews for advertised positions should you be looking at?

Goal should be to getting 3-4 interviews per week.

Tip – Although my personal recommendation is to get interviews from your own marketing, all interviews will greatly help you in continuing to develop your main message or USP (unique selling proposition).

(5) What networks have you or are you building up in your search for a job?

An extensive range including; businesses through contacts from last job, friends, family, recruitment consultants, sporting contacts, social groups and local business people you know. Aside from these you can also develop your own list from cold canvassing targeted employers.

Tip – Do not become obsessive in your networking to the point that people start to avoid you. Friends and people generally like to help but not to the point where they think that’s all you want out of the relationship – look at helping them in some way. Remember – what goes around in life usually comes back around.

It can be hard at times maintaining the discipline of effective job seeking but if you view it as a job until you get that all important job then you will succeed.

Sean Teer is the CEO of Envision Australia, a small not for profit organisation that trains, places and supports long term disadvantaged job seekers into employment. Sean has now been working in the employment industry for in excess of 16 years assisiting a wide range of job seekers. In this period Sean has run an employment marketing service and has continuously worked as a job search trainer authoring a book, “Get that Job You Always Wanted”, plus is co-writer and presenter of a unique training program called JobMinded. Sean currently spends his spare time researching and updating his knowledge on employment trends and latest job search techniques as part of his ongoing delivery of job search training. Sean can be contacted at Envision Australia via the website

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Job searching can sometimes get you down.  But it does not have to be so.  If you plan your jobsearch carefully you can reduce the risks of jobsearch stress and increase the chances of finding that job you deserve.  One of the best ways to improve your job search is by building a network of contacts.

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