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An obsessive lover experiences great emotional highs and lows, can be very possessive and often very jealous lovers.

Are you an obsessive lover?

Often called Manic Lovers, they can be quite needy on the inside and so they place a great deal of pressure and importance on having a relationship. Manic lovers are into ‘ownership’ of the their partner and talk about them in possessive ways, like ‘my Lucy or my Jamie’.

An obsessive lover will avoid committing infidelity because they fear being found out. Marriage is the next stage of ‘ownership’ for them and their children can prove competition for them with their partners. If they split, then the children can often substitute for their partners and they can focus on them possessively.

An obsessive lover loves sex because they see it as reassurance of love. They are often anxious, insecure and jealous.

The best thing about Manic Lovers is their intensity and all consuming passion. On the down side jealousy, possessiveness, insatiability and co-dependency can kill the relationship if the other partner is not a Manic Lover.

However, one of the most harmful relationships is an obsessive one. Take this quiz to know if you are an obsessive partner.

Are you an obsessive lover?

You've just woken up, what's the first thing that you do?


An obsessive lover may respond to coaching or therapy and can grow out of Manic Love.