Is Achieving Lasting Weight Loss Possible?

In this modern world we live in we are bombarded daily with images of the perfectly slim and beautiful. TV and magazine adverts constantly encourage us to buy the latest low-fat, low-calorie foods and diet drinks with promises of helping us to lose weight and get into shape.

Magazines are full of pictures of celebrities who’ve either gained weight or lost weight, very often the same ones Yo-Yoing up and down.  We seldom see examples of those who have achieved lasting weight loss.

There are more and more people joining gyms and going on diets than ever. With billions of dollars being spent on the weight loss industry every year we really should be in the most amazing shape.

So why is obesity reaching epidemic levels? What we are doing does not appear to be working. It seems clear that we need to take a different course of action in order to achieve different results. So what can we do to achieve lasting weight loss?!!

The majority of the weight loss, diet foods and drinks in the supermarkets are low-fat. When you remove the fat you also remove most of the flavour, and what you may not be aware of is that in order to enhance the flavour, sugar is added.

Why reducing your sugar intake helps in achieg wving lastineight loss

Sugar is hidden in many foods we find in the supermarket, and in many different guises. It can be found in soft drinks, fruit juices, smoothies and sports drinks and is hidden in almost every processed food from ready meals to tomato ketchup to cheese spreads.

It is even in some baby formula milk!  It’s also in bread, yoghurts, meats, soups and many ‘healthy’ marketed snacks.  A pot of low-fat yoghurt could have up to 10 teaspoons of sugar in it!

The fact is that sugar can cause your body to store fat, while eating healthy fats can burn fat off your body. These healthy fats include coconuts and coconut oil (for cooking), avocados, organic eggs, butter, raw nuts, grass fed meats and wild fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and herring which are high in healthy Omega 3 oils.

By eating foods in their most natural state it stands to reason that we should restore ourselves to our most natural state. Foods which come in a box, package or tin are unlikely to be in their natural state; they are most likely processed and laden with sugar.

So rather than walking along your supermarket aisles in search of the next weight loss ‘wonder’ food, instead fill your trolley’s to the brim with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meats, fish and eggs.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle focused on your long term health and quality of life and you’ll find that you can naturally achieve lasting weight loss too.

Alexandra Jones of  Healthy Girl UK is living proof that natural nutrition works!  She is the author of the eBook ‘How to get slim and stay slim’  and upcoming book Slim, Sexy & Sensational – Discover the New & Easy Way to Lasting Weight Loss.

Alexandra is a well respected  Weight Loss & Wellbeing Coach who works helping her clients achieve lasting weight loss with weight loss advice that really works and healthy natural nutrition tips.