Principles of Life Coaching

Not everyone is comfortable talking to family, friends or work colleagues about issues they may want to explore and resolve. Life coaching has become an accepted alternative for many.

However, if someone decides to look for outside or expert help through a life coach, they should be aware of what to expect from life coaching.

This article addresses many of the questions that those interested in life coaching may have.

Principles of Life Coaching

By Nancy Nicolazzo

the-principles-of-life-coaching-explained-at-the-personal-development-cafeMany people become life coaches because their family, friends and colleagues have always talked to them about their lives, they like working with people and they have a natural ability to respond in a supportive way.

Perhaps you have been wondering about life coaching. Here are some principles and practices of life coaching that will give you an idea of what you can expect from a life coach and a coaching session.

Coaches follow these principles:

1. Confidentiality  

All coaching is completely confidential. Whatever you talk about is  between you and the coach and no one else.

2. Listening 

Listening is more important than talking. Active listening allows people to express themselves and explore their options and dreams. Space is given so there is time to think about, consider and talk about your goals, ideas, feelings and dreams.

3. Motivation

People are motivated by different things including:

Money – believe it or not, money and making a profit are not the only or most widely held motivators

Autonomy – the ability to be self-directed, to work on anything you want, with whomever you want, however you want leads to new ideas, creativity and innovation

Mastery or Purpose – our urge to get better at what we do is inherent – this is so important that some people who do highly skilled work on the weekends give it away – like the creators of Skype – they want to make a difference in the world, to have a purpose in life

Recognition – to be noticed and validated for what we do

4. Encouragement

The belief that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams. With support and encouragement, people feel empowered and confident to change their lives and pursue their dreams.

5. Future Orientation

Coaches understand that a person’s past is no indication of their future. Whatever has happened in the past does not determine what can be in the future. People can start fresh and do not need to get stuck in the past.

6. Possibilities

Believing that people’s beliefs about what is possible for themselves are their only limits. Our thoughts create our worlds so when we think positively, positive things happen.

7. Support

Coaches are willing to provide nonjudgmental support rather than providing answers and trust people to find their own answers. Coaching sessions follow a particular pattern which looks like:

  • An initial intake questionnaire is completed and discussed (for first session) and then, at each following session.
  • A review of past session and setting a goal for the current session.
  • Questions and exercises to support work on the goal. Reflections on the session and insights gained during the session.
  • Next steps / Conclusion The last session in a series of coaching sessions is a time for reviewing progress and celebrating changes.

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