Do you have the courage to lead?

There are many qualities you need to be a good leader.   While a great leader needs charisma – a magnetic personality – she, or he, has to have courage to be a good one.

Good leaders do much to make the world a better place, day in and day out. They dare to make hard decisions, and they have to be brave enough to face failure. In fact, many leaders now celebrated as heroes thought they HAD failed.

Most difficult decisions require courage.  But that shouldn’t put you off, even if you have been reluctant to take on leadership roles before. You can overcome your fears and in doing so you will develop the courage to lead.

While it takes courage to lead, courage can be shown in many forms and is something that can be learned.

How Can You Develop The Courage To Lead?

develop the courage to lead.

Eliminate the fear of failure!

One of the most important steps on the road to building up courage is to reduce or eliminate the fear of failure!

However much lip service we give to those who “fail” to achieve the goals of wealth and leisure – (Health  and Care Workers, for example!) as a society we do seem to celebrate success such as high earning actors, musicians, teenage billionaires and sports stars.

There are plenty of places where owning a home and a car mark you out as a success. And it does – if your own effort helped get them. That doesn’t mean you’re a failure if you had the courage to choose different priorities.

So often we don’t stop to wonder what failure really is. We just let ourselves be frightened off opportunities because we’ve let ourselves build up “iceberg beliefs” in our own lack of talent or luck. They lurk under the surface of our minds and we don’t even realize that they are there.

Usually, the worst possible outcome of a situation is not only unlikely but is something you really could deal with, even if it did happen.

Just think of the decisions you make in your personal and business life as evidence of your courage.

“I went in and took that exam even though I had ‘flu.” That took courage.

“I told the manager I thought he was being unfair to my colleague.” So did that.

“I left that job because the company was exploiting the customers.” Seriously brave!

Take the issue of choosing whether or not to go to University. Or even whether a degree is what YOU want to do.  Do you choose a course that is considered ‘arty’ but a subject you feel passionately about, or a practical one that promises a fixed career path that truthfully you don’t want to follow?

Moving in with a partner is something that most people will consider a big decision.  It requires commitment, trust and – let’s be honest – some caution on both sides.

Whether it is a small or major decision, it took a degree of courage. Courage promotes confidence and self-belief.  It allows you to build a structure that you can use to accomplish your goals.

Working through your greatest fears to have the courage to do something remarkable can lead you to success.

5 Tips To Help You Develop The Courage To Lead

Here are some steps you can take in your own life that will help you build the courage you need to accomplish anything:

Maintain a positive attitude – Dealing with issues that challenge you can be turned into an opportunity for success. Try to think of each small challenge in your life as an opportunity.  Remember – needing to ask for help or information makes another person feel good. Success!

Create a positive environment – Surround yourself whenever possible with people who are positive and who believe in you. Building skills and talents needs those who will bolster your self-confidence and increase your self-worth.

Get out of your comfort zone – Most of us hate doing that. It’s normal. Since change happens like it or not, it’s much less stressful if you make change a habit.

Don’t Overthink – Replace the dreaded “What if” with “So what?” Join the party.

Don’t let fear hold you backEnjoy the struggle– Yes, you can enjoy the challenges that life brings if you know that it’s building the courage inside you that will spur you on to bigger and better things. Life’s challenges only serve to make you a stronger and more courageous person.

Each time you accomplish something or overcome a fear, your confidence will grow.

The courage of a true leader is accomplished by taking small steps rather than overcome one big challenge, so take the steps to build your courage and you will be amazed by the results.