Successful personal development planning can be broken down into 3 stages. THINK – PLAN – DO!

Every stage must be carefully considered and completed before moving on to the next to ensure success.

Personal development planning Stage 1 – Think

“If you don’t know where you are going,
how do you know if you have got there?”

The first stage in making a personal development plan is to identify what you want.  This applies whether your personal development plan is designed to be used for a career based decision or to change something in your personal life.

The thinking process may identify a number of things you may want to change.  Make a list.  Are there any that can be combine?  For example:

your personal development plan can help you achieve your goals“I want to socialize more with work colleagues”
“I want to improve my health and fitness”

They may seem like two separate goals, but on closer inspection can be combined to make an effective course of action.  How?  There may be a company fitness club or gym that you can join and get to know your colleagues.  Or do any of your co-workers belong to a sports team?  They may need a new player which will give you the opportunity to achieve both your goals.

Take time to identify what you want.  Make sure your goals are what you want and not someone else’s visions for you.  When you have decided on your goals, then move on to the next stage.

Personal development planning stage 2 – Plan

Now that you have identified what you want, the next stage in the process is planning HOW you are going to achieve your goal or desired outcome.  This is the time to put your thoughts on paper or in print.

Writing down your personal development plan serves to:

  • Empower you by making a written commitment
  • Educate you as you research courses/training you may need to take, groups or clubs that you can join or that can assist you to achieve your goal
  • Prepare you for all the stages you may need to undergo in the process.

Remember a personal development plan does not have to be complicated.  What it needs to do is clearly set out the steps you need to take in order to successfully achieve your goals.  Get your free personal development plan report then build your own personal development plan.

Set target dates that are realistic.  Revisit and update your plan regularly to make sure you stay on track.

Personal development planning stage 3 – Do!

 “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu”

You know what you want how to get it and have made your personal development plan,.   All that remains now is for you to put your plan into action.

In many ways this is the most crucial of the 3 stages of personal development planning.   This is where the whole process has brought you.   You have got here because you have done all that you needed to get you here.  So borrow a motto from one of the world’s most successful companies – ‘Just do it!’

Use your personal development plan as your guide and you may be surprised how things get easier once you have taken that first step.

There may be moments when you need support on your way.  Find someone who will provide encouragement and praise when you need it.  This can be a family member, partner, friend, work colleague or a personal life coach.

Sometimes a few words or a simple inspirational quote or saying can provide the motivation you need to change your life and achieve your goals.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”
Dale Carnegie