Volunteer work offers many benefits for a variety of situations.

The competition for University places is becoming increasingly competitive.  Providing a reference from a charity or large organisation can be an influential consideration in the entry decision of a preferred college.

Volunteering offers such a wide range of opportunities.  There is usually an option that will provide what you are looking for – from working with local charities, or with an organisation based abroad.

For a student, the experience you will gain carrying out volunteer work can give you the confidence to approach your chosen field of study with clear and realistic career opportunities on graduation.

It could also be a valuable asset to a CV or resume.

What are the benefits of adding volunteer work on your CV or resume?

Listing volunteer work on your CV / resume can be a great way to impress prospective employers.

Here are 3 important reasons why you should add volunteer work on your CV / resume.

Volunteer Work Shows Valuable Work Experience

Most recent graduates or first-time jobseekers are likely to have limited employment history.

Carrying out voluntary work is a great way to gain the experience you need to get a job in the industry of your choice.

Highlighting volunteer work on your CV or resume gives you the chance to show your soft skills.  It also allows you to present yourself as a well-rounded individual to potential employers.

Volunteering  Shows Work Abroad

voluntary charity work on your cv

If your CV or resume can show that you have done volunteer work abroad, it can get you ahead of your rivals.

The opportunity to travel abroad, experience new cultures, environments, lifestyle and languages can often provide a character building and self fulfilling journey.

There are many organisations that offer volunteer work opportunities overseas.  Whether you are taking time out before going on to your university studies or wishing to change your career path, volunteers can take advantage of the opportunity.

If you would like to volunteer to work abroad, remember that many charitable organisations rely heavily on donations and you may have to fund yourself.

Showing Voluntary Charity Work On Your CV

The most common reason for volunteering is having the opportunity to work for an organisation or a cause that you believe in.

Demonstrating voluntary charity work on your CV or resume is a good way of showing that you are community minded and willing to take on additional responsibilities.

Volunteering offers such a wide range of opportunities.  There is usually an option that will satisfy what you are looking for – from working with local charities, or with a charitable organisation based abroad.

The rewards of contributing towards a heartfelt campaign not only provides a volunteer with a sense of achievement; it can often lead to lifelong friendships.

Such projects are ideal for students who may want to study in this field, or for someone who is undecided on their career choice

Here are some charity websites with details for possible volunteering charity work vacancies.

Top Nonprofit

Charity Choice


Ready To Add Volunteer Work On Your CV Or Resume?

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